Taking you behind the scenes of Foo

A week has passed since the Foos rocked Melbourne and we were so close to getting them to jam on a tram. We delivered the 2500 signature petition to the tour manager, got a personal letter to Dave and were in the front row of AAMI Park waiving a life size cut out of Dave chanting “Jam On My Tram”.

Even though the campaign didn’t deliver the Foo Fighters, previous Tram Sessions’ musicians got a lift by a huge increase of traffic to tramsessions.com and to their videos. We were also lucky to generate some great media attention which included many of our past bands. This is one of the cornerstones of what we want to achieve. We want to showcase all the great music Melbourne and Australia has (and we even throw in some cheeky international acts once in a while). There’s so much talent out there, and not enough platforms for them to shine!

Initially we were thinking of doing a write up, taking you behind the scenes of the Foo Fighters campaign, but something got in between. That something was Mary Cruz. She decided she wanted to do a radio documentary about the adventure. We loved the idea and gave her access to pretty much every meeting and interview we had (there were quite a few…). Hopefully it gives you some more insight in what we try to do and how lucky we are to attract all these great people that make it happen! Click the link below to have a listen.


Stay tuned for the last session of the year, which will be announced real soon. Until then – Happy Commuting!