Here Comes The Thanks!

“We got it!”, “We did it”, “We won the grant!” were splashed across our Facebook and Twitter as the clock rolled over to 12:01pm and announced that Tram Sessions had received The Bank of Melbourne Local Project Grant last Friday.

Now, you’re probably thinking that the “We” in the above is the Tram Sessions crew for orgainising such an awesome project (come on… we know it’s an awesome project and yes, we are allowed to gloat about it li’l), but no, the “We” in the above is all of you who helped us get over the line.

The TS crew celebrating the win at Pakenham races!

So here it is, a massive thank you to you. Yes, you.

When Tram Sessions was first started by Nick about two years ago, bewildered passengers watched on, nervous and concerned. Now, in 2012, tram passengers already know about our little project and they love it! They tell their friends about the band that they jammed with on their commute, they film it on their smart phones to savour their experience and they get involved in something that is uniquely Melbourne.

This is our aim, to get Melbournians involved and to embrace our unique culture, our amazing live music scene, and to bring a bit of joy to unsuspecting commuters. And with artists like The Vaudeville Smash, Lisa Mitchell, Ben Kweller and Amanda Palmer spreading their soulful messages across our tram network, our job is pretty damn easy!

So, what next for Tram Sessions? Well, the bands are lining up to play, the audiences are growing by the week and if this is anything to go by, 2012 and Tram Sessions will deliver some awesome experiences for Melbourne’s music lovers.

Rommel Henricus

No, we can’t list everyone individually but we do want to specifically thank…
The Bank of Melbourne
Hub Melbourne
The Awesome Foundation
School for Social Entrepreneurs

Happy Commuting!

Media / Sound Hound