Johnny Rock and The Limits

Johnny Rock and the Limits. The name really says it all. This is pure rock, delivered in a fun and captivating way. Johnny, yep it is his name, seems to love to be on a stage/tram seat and has that ability to get people engaged. We’re super impressed by how he pulled off the the grand sing along segment halfway through the clip!

The tram ride on the 57 started at Flinders Street and continued through North Melbourne. Being the first late session during day light savings we managed to get some nice locational shots, so I hope you North Melbournians recognise the tram ride!

The band had a ball, so did we, and the audience didn’t really accept that we had to leave in the end. So to all you commuters who enjoyed the session, head to The Espy tonight for some more Johnny Rock and The Limits action!

PS. And an extra thanks to Mr Maracas man.