Obsessed, possessed

For the ones that have seen Johnnie, Johnnie and the Johnnies perform live, a word like ‘possessed’ seems pretty fitting to describe this 4-piece, Melbourne based, surf/a-go-go-psychedelic band. It was like an electric eel swirling away on a sandy dance floor, drinking coconut and umbrella drinks in a dusty and sweaty venue underground. It might be the music or the keyboardist Johnnie Sweet Cheek’s manic jumping, skipping, dancing, keyboard banging or it might be the both. Their performances are utterly beautiful, fun and engaging.

The night we saw them was full, and long, night together with The Break and Dengue Fever brought to us by Melbourne Festival. A wonderful mix of similar-minded performers bringing their own take on surf/a-go-go-psychedelic band to the table. The Break with a bit more Space-Race twist and Dengue Fever with more a-go-go, a very tall base player and a very long beard.

Understandably there were several highlights, but I believe the highest of the highlights were the 40-something girls who sat next to us. Sharing their excitement for the music, all three bands, they were most happy to see The Break coming on stage which they showed by purchasing some The Break t-shirts before they even went on stage.

That’s the kinds of passion for music you love to see.

image from Johnnie Johnnie and the Johnnies.