Hey Rosetta!

A six piece band, a bloody fast tram, happy commuters and sunny weather made this session to an absolute gem of an experience. The feeling on the tram made us once again understand why we’re insisting on putting bands on Melbourne trams!

Canadian indie rockers Hey Rosetta! gave it their all, and I can assure you that the commuters were all stunned by the beautiful sound the award winning band put on.

One of our favourite moments during the session was when an old lady stepped in to the tram (about halfway through this clip). She had a moment where she was thinking; “where should I take a seat”. A band member saw the confusion in the lady’s face and offered her his seat (thanks Adam). We love seeing random things like this happen. And judging from the lady’s smile, we think she loved it to!

Well, there’s plenty more to say about the 96 tram ride from St Kilda to the City, but let’s leave it at that, and instead enjoy the engaging tunes from our new favourite band.