Congrats Nick!

We had a really nice surprise yesterday. Our co-founder Nick was awarded the 2012 Anthill Magazine 30under30 Readers’ Choice Award. As it was voted by the magazine’s readers and our supporters (you might have been one of them?) it goes to show that what we do is appreciated. And by more people than us! 

So we thought we would ask him a few quick questions. Feels weird to interview your own crew member but hey, it’s our blog so we’re allowed to do it :-)

An award Nick, must be a bit special?

Yeah, it sure is! Haven’t received too many in my life so really happy about it. But it’s really a testament to our crew and the bands really. I think people care less about me and more about seeing Paul Kelly on a tram!

So what’s next?

Well, we have a few new partnerships forming which is very exciting. We’re working hard to build on the momentum from last year and make some really cool stuff happen in 2013. From what we have in the pipeline I can only say it’s looking good!

When’s the next session?

We have two awesome sessions coming up in the next two weeks! I’m super excited. One international act and one local Melbourne band who’s making headlines wherever they go really. Just keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be the first ones to know!

Best of 2012

Hey guys,

We’ve had so much great music lately that we thought we needed to try this new little nifty play list function using Spotify. This is the first try so let us know what you think!

Best of Tram Sessions 2012

Thanks guys!

Parts of the crew at the Mass Jam Event for Melbourne Music Week

2012 has been a big year for Tram Sessions. We’ve reached 50 filmed sessions (pretty stoked!) and have had a great mix of artists jammin’ with us. All from legends like Paul Kelly to up and coming bands like Alpine, Lanie Lane and Vaudeville Smash.

We’ve had more of those invaluable ‘what the h&*# moments‘, where passengers have started to sing back-up vocals or rapped (yep, that was awesome!).

Now, it’s easy to think that this just happens by itself, but the reality is that all what we do take time and a lot of effort from the team. And what a team it is! So instead of going on with more of what we’ve achieved, here’s the great people behind Tram Sessions.

They all contribute in different ways and make this project what it is today. In no particular order, here they are:

Rommel Henricus – Video/Sound and PR

Luisa Mirabilio – Video, Editing, Production & Band Bookings

Parts of the crew at the Xavier Rudd session

Ashleigh Hills – Event coordination, Band bookings

Ed Rossi – Video, Editing & Social Media

Hayden Bevis – Video & editing

Sebastian Fiori – Sound & Event crew

Justin Araco – Organisational strategy

Darryn Henricus – Sound & Event crew

Paul Meates – Design and strategy

Adam Saraceno – Photographer

Alex Topaloski – Online guru

Emma Shepherdson – Organisational structure

Anthony Cole – Website guru

Susann Anna – Secretary

Prue Schofield – Support crew

Michael Araco – Website

Busra (Bee) Copuroglu – Funky Relations & Photographer





Win a double pass to Tram Sessions: Mass Jam


Our friends at Yarra Trams are giving away two of their tickets to our Tram Sessions: Mass Jam event. The ticket includes live bands playing back to back on our very own chartered tram, while rockin’ and rolling through Melbourne’s CBD. It also includes entry to the epic Mass Jam After Party that will follow.

The tickets sold out in less than a day, so this competition is a chance to enjoy what are uniquely Melbourne- trams and live music!

To win, simply answer the question below. The best and most compelling answer will win.

— Tell Yarra Trams which tram line you would like to see a Tram Session on, and why. —

How to enter:

Twitter: Tweet your answer to @yarratrams and include the hashtag, #MassJam.

Facebook: Post your answer directly on Yarra Trams Facebook page

Instagram: Take a photo of your favourite tram line and answer the question. Include the hashtag, #MassJam.

And for you who doesn’t want to gamble on missing out on the after party- head to our crowd funding site to get your tickets and support the great music scene of Melbourne!

Runners up will receive some other tram inspired goodies; a rhino shaped as a stress ball, who has tagged along to a few sessions (see picture).

Win a double pass to Tram Sessions: Mass Jam

Our friends at Flexicar are giving away two of their tickets to our Tram Sessions: Mass Jam event. The ticket includes live bands playing back to back on our very own chartered tram, while rockin’ and rolling through Melbourne’s CBD. It also includes entry to the epic Mass Jam After Party that will follow.

To win, simply answer the question below. The best, most creative, and correct, answer will win two tickets to this exclusive, sold-out event.

— Tell Flexicar who you think will headline on the #MassJam event, and why. —

How to enter:
Twitter: Tweet your answer to @flexicar and include the hashtag, #MassJam.

Instagram: Take a photo of the act you think will play (write their name on a piece of paper for example) and include the hashtag, #MassJam.

Facebook: Post your answer on Flexicar’s facebook page with #MassJam.

And for you who doesn’t want to gamble on missing out on the AFTER PARTY- head to our crowd funding site to get your tickets and support the great music scene of Melbourne!

Tram Session’s supporter: Urban Importers

Gerard Anderson

It’s less than one month until our Melbourne Music Week event and we can hardly contain our excitement! It has been a very busy period for Tram Sessions and we could not do this without the help of our awesome supporters who love Melbourne’s live music scene just as much as we do.

Here is a quick q&a with one of our supporters, Gerard Anderson from Urban Importers, who tells us what he loves about Melbourne.

We can’t wait to see you at our event, and if you haven’t already got tickets to the Mass Jam After Party on November 19 you can buy them at Pozible.

Happy Commuting!

What is it that your organisation does?
Urban Importers is a boutique importer of beverages from Europe, currently importing Gallia Pils, Borderline Juices and Pimento Ginger Beer from France, ‘na Biretta Beer from Italy & the Sacred Spirit range from London.

What do you enjoy most about being Melbourne based?I think Melbourne is a great city to live in, we have such a diverse culture including sports, arts & entertainment and the cafe, restaurant & nightlife are world class – Melbourne people are very passionate and I believe it drives a great culture. I am currently running for a councillor position in The Melbourne City council elections because I would love to become involved in the direction of our city.

What is your favourite Melbourne hang out?
Venue wise, I prefer smaller intimate venues I am a big fan of Neapoli in Russell Place, but on a nice day it’s great to take advantage of either one of the many parks in the CBD or a bar like River Land or the Boat Builders Yard which make great use of their outdoor space.

What is your most memorable live music experience in Melbourne?
I managed The Forum Theatre in Melbourne for 6 years so I was lucky to see a number of local & international bands up close, at the height of their success. Powderfinger played 5 nights in a row and every show was great. Nick Cave & the bad seeds are great live performers and I am a big fan of the Black Keys.

If you could see any band on a tram who would you like to see?
If it was fictional – I have always thought it would of been great to have seen a band like the Rolling Stones in their early days, playing a really intimate show. But if I had to pick a band right now I would probably choose the black keys – I think it would be great to rattle along the streets of Melbourne with the guys in charge of the tram!


Thanks for the Yelp, hmmm HELP!

Juan Alban on tram #55

Last week’s session with Juan Alban was one sweet ride! Taking the Number 55 Tram, we rolled out of the city with the band and a surprise commuter/rap artist

who was lucky enough to join in on an impromptu jam with the band. This is why we do it! To show off Australia’s awesome talent and more so promote our awesome live music scene. And really, what are the odds that a rapper would get on this very tram?!On top of the sessions, we have been busy preparing for our Tram Sessions: Mass Jam, three Bands, one tram and a night of live music as well as the event after party!

The Mass Jam tickets have sold out, but tickets for the Mass Jam after party are still available at which will be held at Donkey Wheel House on November 19. It will be an awesome night with live music, live art from Le Scratch, yummy Mountain Goat Beer, and juices and ginger beer from Urban importers

Whilst on the topic of the Mass Jam, we’ve got some more messages of thanks to hand out! Firstly we need to send a shout out to for spreading the word about our event.

We also want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has already supported us and Melbourne’s live music scene through our fundraising campaign at We need to reach an amount of $7,000 before November 19, as it’s an all or nothing concept. Please spread the word and thanks again for supporting the great music scene of Melbourne!

Happy Commuting!

/ The Tram Sessions crew



Tram Sessions: Mass Jam

On November 19, we’ll be holding what we call Tram Sessions: Mass Jam. Three bands, one tram and a night of live music as part of Melbourne Music Week!

Tram Sessions has been selected to hold the event under Melbourne Music Week’s – Self Made project and really, we can’t wait to jam with the ‘secret’ bands we have lined up for the event, and give our fans the chance to join us on the specially chartered tram!

Parts of the Tram Sessions crew

You can now also buy tickets to the official Mass Jam after party which include more live music, live art and DJs, held at the iconic Donkey Wheel House (the former Tram Way building).

On top of this you can also support us by rewarding yourself with some pretty cool Tram Sessions goodies like;

  • being a roadie or a photographer for us for a night,
  • by dedicating a session to a loved one
  • or by buying an awesomely designed t-shirt

Tickets, along with the other good stuff, is now on sale and can be bought from our pozible campaign page We’ve aimed for $7,000, and as it’s a all or nothing concept we hope your support can make it happen!

Before we sign off, we do need to thank some others whose contribution to the event has been most appreciated. We literally can not do this without your support!

Much love, and happy commuting!

/ From us at Tram Sessions