New Settlement Road

This was a bit of a special session. We brought the tempo down and the delicate tunes up. Waz and the boys in New Settlement Road really put on a suiting set for the commuters on Tram 8 to Toorak.

We went all the way to the end stop and decided; why not just play a few songs on the way back as well? Lucky we did because the band made the day for the chef Scott, who missed his stop and then decided to stay on for the reminder of the set. “This is brilliant. Who needs to go home?”, he said with a cheeky smile.

The band had travelled all the the way from Mt Eliza for the session, so they were pumped to play some songs after a long drive. A big thanks for the dedication boys!

Foo Fighters jam on my tram!


If you build it, they will come. That’s the theory behind Tramsessions’ latest tram mission;­ getting the Foo Fighters to jam on a Melbourne tram.

Hit ‘attending’ on our Facebook event to show your support, and we promise we won’t rest until we get the Foo Fighters to jam on your tram. We already have enough support to fill an entire fleet of trams!

It will be just like any other Tram Session; the Foo Fighters plays a secret set of songs, it’s recorded and the world can enjoy it on And for a handful of lucky commuters, a zone-1 ticket will score them a front row seat!

Help us spread the joy and Happy Commuting!

Johnny Rock and The Limits

Johnny Rock and the Limits. The name really says it all. This is pure rock, delivered in a fun and captivating way. Johnny, yep it is his name, seems to love to be on a stage/tram seat and has that ability to get people engaged. We’re super impressed by how he pulled off the the grand sing along segment halfway through the clip!

The tram ride on the 57 started at Flinders Street and continued through North Melbourne. Being the first late session during day light savings we managed to get some nice locational shots, so I hope you North Melbournians recognise the tram ride!

The band had a ball, so did we, and the audience didn’t really accept that we had to leave in the end. So to all you commuters who enjoyed the session, head to The Espy tonight for some more Johnny Rock and The Limits action!

PS. And an extra thanks to Mr Maracas man.

Hey Rosetta!

A six piece band, a bloody fast tram, happy commuters and sunny weather made this session to an absolute gem of an experience. The feeling on the tram made us once again understand why we’re insisting on putting bands on Melbourne trams!

Canadian indie rockers Hey Rosetta! gave it their all, and I can assure you that the commuters were all stunned by the beautiful sound the award winning band put on.

One of our favourite moments during the session was when an old lady stepped in to the tram (about halfway through this clip). She had a moment where she was thinking; “where should I take a seat”. A band member saw the confusion in the lady’s face and offered her his seat (thanks Adam). We love seeing random things like this happen. And judging from the lady’s smile, we think she loved it to!

Well, there’s plenty more to say about the 96 tram ride from St Kilda to the City, but let’s leave it at that, and instead enjoy the engaging tunes from our new favourite band.

The Messengers

What a day to record a session! Brendan, vocals/guitar, from the band in question, The Messengers, found it fitting enough to have his birthday the same day as we recorded. Of course we made him a gift (yep, the present in the beginning is his), which we hope he found useful.

Another person to be happy was our filmmaker Hayden; you could almost think it was his birthday too. He had just received a new camera lens, which weighs a tonne but makes a tram with band look absolutely gorgeous.

The session itself didn’t want to end. The commuters on the 86 didn’t take no for an answer, so The Messengers just had to keep playing, and with the first ever keys on a Tram Session, they didn’t disappoint! It was pop, it was blues and it was happy smiles everywhere!

Dead Letter Chorus

It was all set up for a comfy ride up the 86. When the unexpected happened, (and lets face it, it happens quite a lot to a project like Tram Sessions) another tram caught the eyes of Dead Letter Chorus‘ band members. And it wasn’t just any tram, it was the old, beautiful, and slightly outdated City Circle tram who entered the stage. And as the band originates from Sydney I guess they thought it would be suiting to try the Melbourne version of Sydney’s Monorail.

The night had more surprises in place for us. We had a stream of Melbournians, tourists (it seemed that Brasil was the most common country of origin) and country folks (perhaps Keyneton was the winner in this category) that thoroughly enjoyed the great tunes from our Sydney friends. For a while I think all tram passengers joined in on the tunes and they stepped closer and closer to where the action took place. Even a sneaky Dave Grohl got pretty close…

We thought that the session was so great that we decided to join the band for their album launch at the Northcote Social Club on the last day of September. After that night we went home with big smiles and a CD that’s been on repeat for quite a few evenings now. We hope you enjoy the session too and please let us know your thoughts on Facebook.

Frankie & the Heartstrings

UPDATED: New video is online (see below) – Want You Back

They came all the way from Sunderland, UK, to Australia. They craved some serious sunshine after a grey summer in Europe. What they got? Well, just before we jumped on tram 112 it started to rain and it couldn’t be more than 15 degrees in the air. Melbourne weather can be tough some times!

Lucky for us that Frankie & the Heartstrings are great chaps who doesn’t say no to a challenge (playing on a bouncy tram in the wet spring of Melbourne certainly is one). As the band has been going great guns in Europe we had good following on our live feed on the website. One of those people was of course Tram Sessions co-founder CJ (now living in Sweden), who got really excited when he heard that the band wanted to play on a Melbourne tram with us. His Twitter fingers couldn’t stop typing of excitement!

The session took place during the day this time around as the band was playing a gig at the Forum later the same day, together with WA friends Eskimo Joe. We can assure you that you’ll hear more about the guys from Sunderland. Great music, great energy and they seem to love touring. A pretty good mix, don’t you think?