Media frenzy

What an end to last week!  We got asked by the editor of Melbourne Life (a section of the Age) if a reporter and photographer could join in on a session. We thought, ‘why the hell not’ and the rest is, recorded, history. We were lucky that we had the amazing band Little John on board and that they were up for the challenge. The City Circle Tram was on fire for a while when the band mixed their bluegrass vibes with some great rock’n'roll. The passengers, reporter and photographer certainly loved it!

On the same day as the article was out we got three emails from different radio stations about interviews. Did I mention that this was all before lunch time! One interview got done on a tram in Richmond at 12pm and aired the same day at 3pm. Another was live to air at MTR’s studio in Burnley on Saturday. The third and last interview was recorded on the Friday and will hopefully be on air this week on ABC Radio National, Breakfast with Fran Kelly.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a weekend and I hope the momentum will continue as we’re proceeding with our mission to get Foo Fighters to jam on your tram. This has only made us, if possible, more determined to get the Foo to play on a Melbourne tram in December. We just won’t rest until it’s reality!

Happy Commuting!

MTR’s radio interview: Tram Sessions MTR 2011-08-20 13-54-53

New campaign image!

You might have seen this on our Facebook page, but if you haven’t we want to share it with you here as well. During the past few days we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to establish a nice design for our ambitious campaign trying to get Foo Fighters on board for a session in December. Just a few minutes ago the design went official and it felt great to see it come together.

A big thanks to Paul who’s done the design and please let us know what you think of it on our facebook site. It feels like it’s starting for real now. But it’s only with the help of you that we can make our dream a reality. To help us out, go in to our event page and click ‘attend’, then invite your friends to join.

For everyone’s commuting pleasure!

Foo Fighters jam on my tram

We have a lot of things to share at the moment, but we thought we should start with something a bit different.

Some of you have already seen it and, very kindly, supports it. So what is it? Well, we’re getting Foo Fighters to jam on a tram.

We’ll take the help from music lovers to get behind us and nag (very nicely of course) the Foo:s to play on a tram in Melbourne. It will be just like any other Tram Session. The band plays a few songs, we record it and let the world enjoy it on our website. And the lucky ones that’s on the tram will of course have the time of their lifes!

Just imagine; you’re going home from uni or work. You’re tired, bored and just want a bit of energy. Then all of a sudden you see some some musos step in to the tram. Followed by a camera and mic. You’re getting more excited, as well as slightly worried, and when the band is getting up close you see who it is. It’s the Foo Fighters! On a tram. Your tram. In Melbourne. What the f$*+#!

To make this happen we need some help. Help from you. Hit “attending” on our Facebook event to show your support. It’s our way of showing the band that this is something that their fans want. Badly.

When we have enough guests on the site, we’ll start the next phase of the campaign. Contacting the band. During the months leading up to their concerts in December we’ll arrange a range of activities to spread the word and to make this dream a reality.

We promise we won’t rest until we get the Foo Fighters to jam on your tram!