Beat that!

Hi there good people,

We have some exciting news. A few hours ago our friends at Beat Magazine decided to write a little piece about our project. Great fun! Have a read of what they said here.

New friends

Hey people, and happy March to you all!
February has been a hectic month to say the least, and we’ve had some fun moments at Tram Sessions. To name a few; The Quarry Mountain Dead Rats rocked Melbourne when they performed a rainy Friday night on tram 112 (our wettest session yet), we’ve been talking to loads of potential tram performers and the new promo images have finally been shot and retouched. But we’ve even had a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And I thought I would share the one we’re most happy about now. It’s the latest addition to the TS team, Hayden and Lachlan from Lachdown Productions. With Lachdown we’ll be able to get some help with beer drinking, laughter and good times. However, they will also help out with filming and sound recording when the kegs are getting empty.

Surf in to their Facebook page to say hi, or to watch some of their video clips. My favourite involves some Eurovision, mullets and a pink shirt.

So cheers to a new partnership and plenty of great music!