What the hell is this sessions thing?

About us 
We are Tram Sessions, a not-for-profit project who films impromptu, guerilla style gigs on Melbourne trams for your commuting pleasure. If you’re lucky enough, a zone-1 ticket could get you front row seats to the likes of Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Lisa Mitchell, Xavier Rudd, Passenger or Lanie Lane.

If you want to know more, check out our Statement of Purposes. And if you enjoy our sessions, please have a look at what inspired us to do what we do:
The Black Cab Sessions / The Take Away Shows / Shoot the player.

We also want to say a big thanks to Yarra Trams who lets us do what we love.

The People Behind Tramsessions

Simon Conlon
Sebastian Fiore Rommel Henricus Paul Meates Nicklas Wallberg Justin Araco Jessica Wainwright Hayden Bevis
Edward Rossi Darryn Henricus Camey O’Keefe Ashleigh Hills Alex Topaloski Adam Saraceno Dave Zwolenski
Andy Singh
Tram Sessions was created by Nick Wallberg (nick[at]tramsessions.com) and Carl Malmsten in 2010. It’s currently maintained by Nick and a great team of people (see below).

If you have any ideas, propositions or random thoughts, send Nick an email. As his friends know, he’s always up for a chat.We’re also on twitter.com/tramsessions and Facebook if you’re into that kind of thing.